Season Pass
CXR #1 Sep 16
CXR #2 Sep 30
CXR #3 Oct 21
CXR #4 Oct 28
CXR #5 Nov 11
CXR #6 Nov 25
Season End Awards, Nov. 27


CXR #1

SEPTEMBER 16, 2018


Arlington Municipal Airport

CXR #2

SEPTEMBER 30, 2018


Sprinker Recreation Center

CXR #3

OCTOBER 21, 2018


King County Fairgrounds

CXR #4

OCTOBER 28, 2018


Frontier Park 21718 Meridian Ave E. Graham, WA 98338

CXR #5

NOVEMBER 11, 2018


Fort Steilacoom Park

CXR #6

NOVEMBER 25, 2018


North Seatac Park

Race Schedule

40 Minutes

Cat 4 Men
Cat 4 Master Men 35+

30 Minutes

Cat 4 Master Men 45+
Cat 4 Master Men 55+

30 Minutes

Junior Boys & Girls 10–12, 13–14, 15–16
Beginning Men
Beginning Women
Junior Boys & Girls 6–9 (1 Lap)

Juice Box Race (11:30 about)

45 Minutes

Cat 1/2 Women
Cat 1/2 Master Women 35+
Cat 3 Women
Cat 3/4 Master Women 35+
Cat 3/4 Master Women 45+
Cat 4 Women

60 Minutes

Cat 1/2 Men
Cat 1/2 Master Men 35+
Cat 1/2 Master Men 45+
Single Speed Men (All)

45 Minutes

Cat 3 Men
Cat 3 Master Men 35+
Single Speed Women

45 Minutes

Cat 3 Men 45+
Cat 3 Master Men 55+
Master Men 60+ (Any Category)

Race Day Schedule rotation (for 2018)
The first two waves before the 11:00 Juniors race will rotate with each other every other year {on odd numbered years}
The 11:00 Juniors race will always remain at 11:00.
The last 4 waves will rotate every year as follows:
the 11:45 race will move to the end of the day at 2:45 and the other race waves will move one hour earlier.
(The 2017 schedule has already been adjusted.)

Race Fees

Get Your Season Pass Now!
Adults | $125
Beginners | $75
Juniors | $50
Junior 6-9 | $25

2017 passes Pass’s on sale Now! or go to Cross-Revolution

Adults | $25
Beginners | $15
Juniors | $10
2nd Race (adults & juniors) | $15

If registering a junior in an adult race, please do so race-day to retain junior pricing.

Adults | $30
Beginners | $20
Juniors | $15
2nd Race (adults & juniors) | $15


Daily Prizes for General Categories

Sorry, no daily prizes or podiums will be held for general categories.

Elite Men and Women’s Race Day Payout.
The payout given for each race in the series for Men and Women is equal and will be as follows:

Elite Men & Women 1st Place   =  $100

Elite Men & Women 2nd Place =  $80

Elite Men & Women 3rd Place  =  $60

Elite Men & Women 4th Place    =  $40

Elite Men & Women 5th Place    =  $20

Cross Revolution Year End Series Prizes

Party Date = November TBD, 2017 at Pyramid Breweries

Custom Cowbell Prize for Top 3 (excluding Beginner categories and Juice Box Derby). See FAQ piece below for more Custom Cowbell Prize Details.

Junior Riders  (All boys & girls age categories): Prizes and awards will be handed out after the final race, CXR#6 North SeaTac (Step Up Your Cross), on November 26 at 12:30 pm.

Beginner Riders: We do not calculate series prizes for the Beginners Classes.

General Categories including all Senior and Master Riders (Cat 4, 3, 2/1, Singlespeed, Clydesdale, all Master’s category for men and women):

We will Have a year end awards party to celebrate the season and reward the leaders with their success. This party will be at Pyramid Breweries, November 2017, at 6:00 pm. Follow us on Facebook to get down on any and all updates!

Overall series standing will be scored for all categories except Beginners.

Points Distribution
The race winner receives the full allotment of points appropriate for the race category. For each successive place, 2 points are deducted (If first earns 100 pts, then 2nd place = 98; 3rd = 96; 4th =94, etc…)

All 6 races in the Cross Revolution series count equally toward the overall series standings.

The scoring of the final race of the year is no different as the other races within the series.

Final year-end scoring is based on your best 5 races. Your lowest score will be dropped from the final total.

If you upgrade to another category in the middle of the season it has to be prior to the start of race #4, 60% of your overall series points are carried over if you upgrade.

If you downgrade, you may do so but none of your overall series points go with you.

Year End Ties will be broken by:

  1. Greatest number of wins.
  2. If still tied, the highest placing at the final race.

Custom Cowbell Prize awarded to top 3 in all but Beginner & Juice Box.

Our first awards presentation is specifically for the Juniors and will be held at CXR #6 Step Up Your Cross, November 26, 12:30 pm, at the North SeaTac Park. This award ceremony features cowbell podium presentation for the eligible category racers in the 11 am race time, the Junior Boys and Girls in their respective groups: age 10/12, 13/14, and 15/16. After the awards presentation, we will also raffle off prizes for which all 11:00 am time slot racers are eligible.

Please note: we are not having a podium presentation for the Beginner Men, Beginner Women, or the Juice Box Derby race. However, those categories are eligible for the prize raffle.

No matter what category you race, we ask to please attend our Junior awards presentation and help us cheer on the next generation of racers.

Our second awards presentation will be held on TBD, November, 6:00 pm, at the Pyramid Breweries. We will host the Custom Cowbell Prizes for podium distribution in all adult categories (except beginners).

A general prize raffle will be held for all in attendance.

Venue & End-of-Series Party Info

The Pyramid Breweries Alehouse Seattle
Click here for directions.

All welcome, so bring the whole family!

Bib numbers and timing chips must be worn properly: timing chips on helmet, bib number on the correct side (left side) and clearly visible to the judges at the finish line. It is your responsibility to display your bib number properly; you will not be scored if we cannot read your bib number or timing chip.

If you have more than one series bib number because of losing one or racing multiple categories, it is your responsibility to wear the one that you checked in with at registration.

If we are unable to determine who you are by your bib number, you will not be scored in the race.

You will not be scored if:

  • Your timing chip is poorly placed and can’t be read (mount the “Snorkel Tube” on top of your helmet).
  • You do not wear a current-year Cross Revolution bib number and timing chip.
  • We can’t read your bib number due to improper placement.

Results will be physically posted on-site after each race. All protests must be submitted on race day. Online postings will be done by that Tuesday.
send email to

The Top Twenty riders in the series standings will be “Called Up” in the front three rows 15 minutes prior to start time. You must be present to claim your position. From the 4th row on, riders will be staged randomly and thus be mixed up from race to race.
Neutral racer support and general help is available in the Pit area. This labor and support is typically offered by volunteers, but we will have a limited supply of Shimano wheels for loan as well. This is a nice benefit for you, but not a right. They will happily help if you have a good attitude and they have time; but you should plan on being self-sufficient.
No license is required to participate in the Cross Revolution Series.

You must bring your race bib number & chip to every race. A replacement chip or bib number will cost $5. Chips are required for you to be scored, no exceptions. Race/bib numbers & chips will be assigned for the entire season; if forgotten, a new one can be issued for $5.

Did you change categories mid-season? Racing multiple races in one day? Use the same number (eg: you can wear bib #73 in the Single Speed race and the Cat 4 race). We will not re-issue new numbers for different races.

Racing both Cross Revolution and the MFG race series? The same timing chips can be used at both Cross Revolution and MFG races. However, bib numbers are different so bring the appropriate one.

If you have pre-registered for a race and/or have a season pass you need to check in at registration on race day only once for the series to collect your Bib Number and timing chip. Once you have your bib number & timing chip, from there on out you can pre-register online and then skip the day of registration line entirely.
Simply register online, pin your race number, attach your “snorkel tube” timing chip, and we’ll see you at the start line. You are registered, and no paper form is required as long as you acknowledged the online pre-registration waiver.

You can change categories throughout the season. If you do, you must do so at the registration table day of, and you must do so 30 minutes prior to your scheduled start.

If you wish to carry over your prior category points, you must do so before the start of the fourth race.  You will be allowed to carry 75% of your total to an upgraded category.

If you are moving down a category, you will be allowed to carry 50% of your points total.

Regardless of category change, bring and use your same Cross Revolution number and timing chip.

Send Email to

Races will be governed primarily by USA Cycling rules for Cyclocross rider conduct and equipment regulations (exception…we promise not to caliper measure your tire width).

It is your responsibility to know these rules and regulations.

Mountain bikes will be allowed, but are definitely slower.

Helmets are required for everybody at all times. No Helmet = NO Dice!

Categories are self-seeding. Be realistic about your skills, and remember: nobody likes “Sandbaggers.”

  • Beginner = an absolute “Newbie” with no bike racing experience.
  • Cat 4 = CX beginner with some experience in other cycling disciplines.
  • Clydesdale = People of any age that weigh 200lbs or more.
  • Single Speed = Zip ties are self-policed.
  • Cat 3 =  CX Intermediate with aspirations of grandeur.
  • Cat 2 = CX Advanced and hella fast (and yes, we just said ‘hella’).
  • Cat 1 = CX Elite Pro. Seasoned, skilled, wicked fast.

Combine your age with your skill level in the Masters Categories

  • Masters = any and all individuals who are respectively 35+, 45+, 55+, or 60+ years of age or older. You can be a 35+ Master and still race the younger open categories.

Juniors = Will race by year born and will be categorized as follows…

  • 10-12 (Born 2006–2008)
  • 13-14 (Born 2004–2005)
  • 15-16  (Born 2002–2003)

Special Note: You can be a Junior and still race the faster open categories, it drives the “Old People” nuts to be passed by a Junior; so have fun and giddy up!

We post results on online by the following Tuesday morning. Once results are posted on our website, we will allow you 24 hours for review.

After 24 hours have passed, all results are final.

All result questions, concerns, and protests should be emailed to

In the subject line please include: Category, Race, Name, Bib Number.  

In the body of the email, the following information is required (without it we be unable to resolve your inquiry):

  • Category
  • Bib Number
  • Timing Chip Number
  • First & Last Name
  • Description of problem

We have had many discussions over the years on how best to schedule our race categories within the time slot waves available in the day. Lets face it; nobody wants their category to be in the first or last race of the day yet somebody has to do it. We have 27 categories to squeeze into 6 race waves (7 counting Juniors) so it is impossible to make everybody happy every year. We do however think it appropriate to implement an equitable and predictable rotation of the race day schedule so that any one group isn’t always stuck in the first or last wave of the day. Consequently we have decided the following…

The first two waves before the 11:00 Juniors race will rotate with each other every other year {on odd numbered years}.

The 11:00 Juniors race will always remain at 11:00

The last 4 waves will rotate every year as follows: the 11:45 race will move to the end of the day at 2:45 and the other race waves will move one hour earlier.

For our 2016 season we are introducing a Master Women’s ½ race category. Dependent on the field size the Masters Women ½ will start at the same time as the ½ Women or immediately after with a 30 second gap.

Save this Date! After last race in November 2017

Our second awards presentation will be held on November 2017, 6:00 pm, at the Pyramid Breweries. We will host the Custom Cowbell Prizes for podium distribution in all adult categories (except beginners).

A general prize raffle will be held for all in attendance.

Venue & End-of-Series Party Info

The Pyramid Breweries Alehouse Seattle
Click here for directions.

We’d like to see you all, so consider bring the whole family!

Timing Chips

2017 Cyclocross Race Timing Chip Policy
For the 2017 cyclocross racing season, both Cross Revolution and MFG Cyclocross will be using the Dual Tag timing chip. This chip has been invented and manufactured by our finish line production partner Dave Wamsley of Center Event.
In 2016 you bought your timing chip, bring it back and keep using it (if it still works.) Your old chips must be tested at the first race and if they don’t work, a new chip must be purchased.
For the 2017 season, all chips will be distributed for $5 and are guaranteed to work for 1 season.
Please note, this is not a rental charge. The chip is yours to keep. This cost is a direct pass through cost to Center Event for materials and labor.

Chips can be purchased on day of race.