Greetings CXR racers.

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Race #6 at the North Seatac park, Seatac is Sunday 11/26/17 and here is some news you can use.

1.)  Year end Scoring  Info.   In our 6 race series each racer will have a season end points total that comprises your 5 best results.  Season end champion / cowbell podium positions will be determined on points accumulated from 5 races.  If you did all 6 races then your lowest points result from one race will be dropped.  If you did 5 races or less then you are not required to drop a race result; each result will be counted equally in your season end total.

     Season end Championship prizes are only awarded to participants that completed a minimum of 3 races in that category.
     Results Points Questions. In order to keep your points accumulation accurate we need to be notified of any points calculations errors, changes, or concerns.  Please notify us of changes/requests/etc. at email address  results@cross-revolution to request any and all points adjustment issues. For example… I changed Category from Men 4 35+ to Men 3 35+ and would like my points moved. My bib number is 1234, chip number is 5678, last name is Skeehan, first name is Steve.

2.)  ————-Voler PARTY TIME———————-

           One final race remains in the 2017 Cross Revolution race schedule before we announce the champions and hand out the prizes.  It takes dedication and commitment to reach the podium in our championship series so we want to reward you accordingly.  In addition to goodie bags and the coveted Cowbells for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd our friends at Voler are awarding the first place finisher in each category with a custom long sleeve Champions Jersey.  We will have two separate awards presentations to acknowledge the achievements of the champions.   To be eligible you must compete and complete a minimum of three races.

3.)  Juniors Awards 11/26

     Our first awards presentation is specifically for the Juniors and will be held on 11/26/117 at the N Sea Tac race.  At 12:30 P.M. we will have a podiumpresentation under the 20×20 White tent adjacent to the stair climb for the eligible categories that race in the 11:00 time slot.   This will be the Junior Boys and Girls in their respective groups; age 6-9, 10-12, 13-14, and 15-16.  At the awards presentation we will also raffle off prizes for which all 11:00 racers are eligible.  We are not having a podium presentation for the Beginner Men, Beginner Women, or the Juice Box race yet you are all eligible for the prize raffle.  Please attend our awards presentation and help us cheer on the next generation of racers.

 4.)  Adult Awards 11/28

     Our second awards presentation will be held on Tuesday 11/28/17 from 6:00 – 10:00 P.M. at the Pyramid Alehouse Brewery & Restaurant. This historic Seattle location is at 1201 First Avenue South in a 100+-year-old brick & timber frame building directly across from Safe-Co Field.  We will of course have the custom Cowbells for podium distribution in all adult categories (except Beginners) but we will also have a general raffle for all in attendance.  We are excited to report that our friends at Pyramid are once again welcoming us to exclusive use of their upstairs banquet facility.  This location will allow us to set up our podium and prize distribution in an open and festive area with minimal interference to the restaurant and its staff.  We will have full bar service in the upstairs area in addition to a special menu with table service to order from.  All ages are welcome at this end of season party so bring the whole family if you wish.  Free parking is available in the front and rear lots on a first come first served basis.   What better way to celebrate the achievements of the season and reward everybody than by doing so with a tasty meal and a toast from a frosty pint!  Save the date and we will look forward to seeing you all there!

5.)  VIP Team.  Many thanks to our VIP Team helping with course tear down at this weeks race.  Our friends from Team Egencia will be there with a front row reserved spot on the course.  They are staying late to help clean up so we are saving them a sweet spot in the center of “the Village” so they don’t have to do the early morning team tent shuffle.  Thanks Team Egencia!

6.) Velofix Bike Tune Up Time     

“Are the noises from your bottom bracket or headset drowning out the cowbell?  Are your shift cables and housing still full of Enumclaw mud?

If your bike is tired after a full season of CX racing and ready for some TLC, drop it off with Velofix after your race at Seatac and we’ll get it serviced and delivered back to your door*.

We are offering an end of Season CX overhaul for $199, which includes (but is not limited to!) stripping your bike down to the frame and cleaning, soaking the drive-train, headset/bottom bracket overhaul, wheel truing, replacing cables and getting everything set-up and dialed in.

Alternatively, our minor and major tunes are available to cross revolution riders for 10% our regular prices of $79 and $119 respectively (use promo code CXREV2017 if booking online at

Check in with Andrew at the race for more details  (*confirm service delivery locations) to drop off your bike, or he can be contacted on 425 435 7775 (”

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