Bib numbers and timing chips must be worn properly: timing chips on helmet, bib number on the correct side (left side) and clearly visible to the judges at the finish line. It is your responsibility to display your bib number properly; you will not be scored if we cannot read your bib number or timing chip.

If you have more than one series bib number because of losing one or racing multiple categories, it is your responsibility to wear the one that you checked in with at registration.

If we are unable to determine who you are by your bib number, you will not be scored in the race.

You will not be scored if:

  • Your timing chip is poorly placed and can’t be read (mount the “Snorkel Tube” on top of your helmet).
  • You do not wear a current-year Cross Revolution bib number and timing chip.
  • We can’t read your bib number due to improper placement.

Results will be physically posted on-site after each race. All protests must be submitted on race day. Online postings will be done by that Tuesday.