Overall series standing will be scored for all categories except Beginners.

Points Distribution
The race winner receives the full allotment of points appropriate for the race category. For each successive place, 2 points are deducted (If first earns 100 pts, then 2nd place = 98; 3rd = 96; 4th =94, etc…)

All 6 races in the Cross Revolution series count equally toward the overall series standings.

The scoring of the final race of the year is no different as the other races within the series.

Every race counts; no race results are dropped.

If you upgrade to another category in the middle of the season it has to be prior to the start of race #4, 60% of your overall series points are carried over if you upgrade.

If you downgrade, you may do so but none of your overall series points go with you.

Year End Ties will be broken by:

  1. Greatest number of wins.
  2. If still tied, the highest placing at the final race.